Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. is a financial services organization that was established in 1989. Our financial professionals work to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to financial management. Learn more…

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It is our goal to get to know every potential client and make sure both parties are compatible with each other.

Fact Finding

It is essential for us to know the background and financial concerns of our clients before offering any financial advice. Any documents or information that is given to us is held in complete confidentiality.

Financial Profile

We are proud to offer our clients an in-depth financial profile. The profile allows us and our clients to conceptualize their current financial situation.


If our client’s current financial plan does not meet his/her objectives, then we will make recommendations for change. It is then the client’s choice whether to implement those recommendations.

Continued Service

Financial strategies need to be managed and nurtured. As our clients grow, their needs change. It is our goal to grow with our clients and ensure their objectives will be met.

Download our free Retirement Survival Guide

The “Retirement Survival Guide” was written for the average hard working American, who is struggling with the two basic human emotions of greed and fear. We have outlined for you, in simple terms, the concepts we have implemented into Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. over the years and which have become our core philosophy.